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Restumping and Reblocking Mornington

Welcome to Southern Stumping & Underpinning. Established in the Mornington community for over 55 years, Southern Stumping & Underpinning is the #1 choice for local homeowners that need house restumping in the Mornington area.

Restumping & Reblocking Services

What is restumping / reblocking?

In short, house reblocking involves replacing rotting timber stumps with steel/concrete stumps and is necessary to maintain a safe, structurally sound foundation for your home.

Why is restumping and reblocking important?

Restumping and reblocking are essential for preventing further damage to your home caused by subsidence and foundation issues. Without restumping and reblocking, your home’s structural integrity is compromised and can result in further damage, such as cracks in walls and floors.

What are the benefits of restumping and reblocking?

Restumping and reblocking result in stable foundations, a long-lasting solution to subsidence and structural issues, and enhanced structural integrity.

Southern Stumping & Underpinning – Professional Services

As a Registered Building Practitioner, we provide reliable restumping and reblocking services in Mornington and the surrounding area.

We use only quality materials, tools and equipment to ensure that all restumping and reblocking work is completed to the highest standard for a lasting solution.

Our professional team provides efficient, friendly service with extensive knowledge and experience in restumping Mornington homes, re-levelling and house-raising techniques for optimal results.

Why Choose Southern Stumping & Underpinning?

Here are some reasons homeowners in Mornington love Southern Stumping & Underpinning:

  • The best restumping and reblocking experts in the Mornington area
  • Members of Master Builders Association
  • Licensed & fully insured
  • 10-year warranty for peace of mind
  • Highest quality work, restumping, and reblocking services
  • Superior quality control and materials such as steel hurricane anchors and engineered foundations ensure any Mornington restumping project stands the test of time
  • 5 decades of experience in restumping and reblocking Mornington homes
  • Excellent reputation, friendly team, and competitive prices
  • Prompt, courteous customer service
  • We work with you every step of the way to ensure minimal disruption while restumping and reblocking your home in Mornington

At Southern Stumping & Underpinning, we understand that restumping and reblocking projects can disrupt daily life. That’s why we are here to help restump and reblock Mornington homes with the utmost care and attention to detail. With decades of experience as a registered builder in the Mornington area, you can rest assured that your home is safe with Southern Stumping & Underpinning services.

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