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House Re-Levelling

What is house re-leveling?

This is a process that we use to re-set and re-level your homes walls and floors.   Your home could have previously been placed on concrete stumps or brick piers that already have sufficient foundations. The original levels may have changed due to timber shrinkage, drought related soil movement or flooding the underneath of your home. At Southern Stumping and Underpinning we are experts in resolving these issues using hydraulic jacks to lift your walls and floors. We use only top quality, high stress commercial  grade PVC packers to fill the gaps between the bearers and stumps caused by the re-levelling process.

How do I know if my house requires re-leveling?

If your house is already on existing concrete stumps and you start to notice:

  • Sloping or uneven floors 
  • “Spongy” or “bouncing” floors
  • Stuck doors or windows
  • Cracks in walls or ceilings