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Benefits Of Restumping Your Home in Melbourne

“A home is only as solid as its foundation – don’t let yours crumble!”

Why Choose Us For Restumping?

Benefits of Restumping Your Home

Restumping FAQs For Melbourne Home Owners

Restumping, also known as reblocking is the process of removing old or rotten timber stumps and then replacing  with new durable concrete or steel stumps.

The early signs of your house requiring restumping can be that your doors and windows will start to slightly stick. You may start to notice small cracks in your plaster around your door ways and windows. A more severe sign can be that the floors in your property will appear unlevel.

The procedure of having your house restumped resets the level of your house and ensures a secure foundation for the safety and structural integrity of your home.

We also recommend that restumping takes place before any new renovations commence. This will ensure the stabilisation and support of the existing structure due to the added strain on the house

As every house is different and may require a different process the most accurate way to determine the cost of rectifying your sub floor issues is by contacting us to organise a free, no obligation quote at your property.

Planning on Selling Your Home?

After we restump your home, a surveyor will conduct a final inspection of the property and then issue a certificate of compliance for Section 32 or the Vendor Statement (required to sell your house).

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